WMFT Inc. (DBA) Cardamone Construction

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We are a full service company who prides itself in offering the best service for your stucco and painting needs.            

We specialize in:

•  Upgrading home exteriors with new stucco and banding


•  Adding coins and banding to existing windows, doors, garages, roof-lines, etc...

•  Textured Stucco - Spanish lace, dash, sand finish, etc...

•  Rusty galvanized band repair and removal, replaced with

plastic bands to prevent future problems


•  Stucco repair:  cracks, buldging, separation, etc...


Just give us a call and we will provide a free estimate.  Guaranteed quality workmanship.  PHONE - (727) 565-6602


Or email us at wmftinc@yahoo.com.  Expect a timely response within 24 hours




Does your house need a facelift?

Certified Residential Contractor

License # CRC1327256